API ・・・ Application Programming Interface

BPR ・・・ Business Process Re-engineering

CA ・・・ Certification Authority

CAD ・・・ Computer Aided Design

CAI ・・・ Computer Aided Instruction

CALS ・・・ Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support⇒Commerce At Light Speed

CAM ・・・ Computer Aided Manufacturing

CD ・・・ Compact Disc

CDMA ・・・ Code Division Multiple Access

CD-R ・・・ Compact Disc Recordable

CD-ROM ・・・ Compact Disc Read Only Memory

CEO ・・・ Chief Executive Officer

CG ・・・ Computer Graphics

CGI ・・・ Common Gateway Interface

CIM ・・・ Computer Integrated Manufacturing

CIO ・・・ Chief Information Officer

CMMI ・・・ Capability Maturity Model Integration

CMY ・・・ Cyan,Magenta,Yellow

COO ・・・ Chief Operating Officer

CPU ・・・ Central Processing Unit

CRT ・・・ Cathode Ray Tube

CSF ・・・ Critical Success Factors

CSMA/CD ・・・ Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection

CSO ・・・ Chief Security Officer

CTI ・・・ Computer Telephony Integration

DFD ・・・ Data Flow Diagram

DHCP ・・・ Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DNS ・・・ Domain Name System

DRAM ・・・ Dynamic Random Access Memory

DVD-R ・・・ Digital Versatile Disk Recordable

DVD-RAM ・・・ Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memory

EBCDIC ・・・ Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

EC ・・・ Electronic Commerce

ECR ・・・ Efficient Consumer Response

EDI ・・・ Electronic Data Interchange

EOS ・・・ Electronic Ordering System

ERP ・・・ Enterprise Resource Planning

E-R図 ・・・ Entity-Relationship Diagram

EUC ・・・ End User Computing ***Extended Unix Code

EUD ・・・ End User Developing

FDMA ・・・ Frequency Division Multiple Access

FTP ・・・ File Transfer Protocol

GIF ・・・ Graphic Interchange Format

GPS ・・・ Global Positioning System

GUI ・・・ Graphical User Interface

GZIP ・・・ Gnu ZIP

HTML ・・・ HyperText Markup Language

HTTP ・・・ HyperText Transfer Protocol

IDP ・・・ Intrusion Detection and Prevention *** Internet Datagram Protocol

IDS ・・・ Intrusion Detection System

IEEE ・・・ the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, inc

IMAP ・・・ Internet Message Access Protocol

IP ・・・ Internet Protocol

IPS ・・・ Intrusion Prevention System ** Intrusion Protection System

IPsec ・・・ Security architecture for Internet Protocol

IrDA ・・・ Infrared Data Association

ISMS ・・・ Information Security Management System

ISP ・・・ Internet Service Provider

ITIL ・・・ Information Technology Infrastructure Library

JPEG ・・・ Joint Photographic Experts Group

MIDI ・・・ Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIME ・・・ Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MMR ・・・ Modified Modified Read

MP3 ・・・ MPEG Audio Layer-3

MPEG ・・・ Moving Picture Experts Group

MPU ・・・ Micro Processing Unit

MRP ・・・ Material Requirements Planning

MTTR ・・・ Mean Time To Recovery (Mean Time To Repair)

NAT ・・・ Network Address Translation

OS ・・・ Operating System

OSI ・・・ Open Systems Interconnection

OSS ・・・ Open Source Software

PBX ・・・ Private Branch eXchange

PCMCIA ・・・ Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PDA ・・・ Personal Data(Digital) Assistance

PDF ・・・ Portable Document Format

PDPC ・・・ Process Decision Program Chart

PIN ・・・ Personal Identification Number

PNG ・・・ Portable Network Graphics

POP ・・・ Post Office Protocol

POS ・・・ Point Of Sales system

PPM ・・・ Products Portfolio Managemet

PPP ・・・ Point-to-Point Protocol

RAM ・・・ Random Access Memory

RFID ・・・ Radio Frequency IDentification

RFP ・・・ Request For Proposal

RGB ・・・ Red Green Blue

ROM ・・・ Read Only Memory

RSS ・・・ Retail Support System

S/MIME ・・・ Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

SaaS ・・・ Software as a Service

SDMI ・・・ Secure Digital Music Initiative

SDチャート ・・・ Semantic Differential Chart

SET ・・・ Secure Electronic Transaction

SIP ・・・ Session Initiation Protocol

SLA ・・・ Service Level Agreement

SMTP ・・・ Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNMPマネージャ ・・・ Simple Network Management Protocol

SPC ・・・ Service Profit Chain

SRAM ・・・ Static Random Access Memory

SSL ・・・ Secure Sockets Layer

TCO ・・・ Total Cost of Ownership

TCP ・・・ Transmission Control Protocol

TFT ・・・ Thin Film Transistor

TIFF ・・・ Tagged Image File Format

TQC ・・・ Total Quality Control

UPS ・・・ Uninterruptible Power Supply

URL ・・・ Uniform Resource Locator

USB ・・・ Universal Serial Bus

VAN ・・・ Value Added Network

VR ・・・ Virtual Reality

WAN ・・・ Wide Area Network

WBS ・・・ Work Breakdown Structure

WEP ・・・ Wired Equivalent Privacy

WWW ・・・ World Wide Web

XML ・・・ eXtensible Markup Language